Izmir / Istanbul

Istanbul is where I maintain my studio and production, but it’s also an incredibly inspiring city where I’ve built a community of creative and friends working in the arts and design. I also love heading to Izmir for a weekend getaway. Known for most of its history as Smyrna, in Ottoman times this port city was a melting pot that included Greeks, Armenians, French and Italians. Today it has a very relaxed vibe, especially along Kordon, the seaside promenade where you walk past Ottoman-era buildings and countless seaside cafes.

One architectural gem is the Gustave Eiffel designed Konak Pier, a long wharf of low stone buildings sporting glass and steel coverings. Built in 1890, the former customs house now houses boutiques and cafes. Another favorite destination is the Kizlaragasi Han. Housed in a 16th-century stone complex, it is the little sister to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, a covered market selling everything from brass lanterns to ‘70s Turkish disco albums and cologne bottles shaped like Izmir’s iconic buildings.

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